Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Let’s see… what did I do before breakfast today? Got up, got showered, got dressed, got my keys, got into my car, and got out of my driveway-unscathed. Six things. Most would say those things are routine. But I’m telling you, at least three of those things are minor miracles. I did the impossible. I may be exaggerating. :)

The Love Scott team recently went to a 3D showing of Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.” I thought it was visually amazing, and the 3D effects were well done when CGI was in play. Visually stunning is to be expected from director Tim Burton, though. I don’t know if it utilized 3D as well as Avatar, but the story was a different take on the original – in a good way, and overall it was an entertaining film. It did include some of the core ideas of the original novel by Lewis Carroll such as the characters, subtle visual cues and even many of the quotes. One quote that stuck out to me was repeated several times:

Alice: There is no use trying. One cant believe in impossible things.

The Queen: I dare say you haven’t had much practice. When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

(quote as applied in the movie version)

The challenge: to be creative, and to find the courage to do what others won’t. I think everyone can take that lesson to heart, especially when it comes to marketing. Alice had let the “real world” tell her what was impossible, and in this version of “Alice,” she had grown up, become realistic and forgotten what she was capable of. Believing in herself and having the courage to break down walls gave her the confidence to conquer her inhibitions. Have you found yourself not believing in what you or your company can do and where it can go? Has the status quo overtaken your marketing plans? Has the economy hampered your budget, making you believe that progress is an impossible thing?

At Love Scott, we believe in the power of relevant marketing. We find the possible in the impossible. It’s one of the things that makes us a different kind of ad agency. We work with budgets, we don’t let them constrain us. We see potential for creativity everywhere, and no project is meaningless or cookie cutter. We believe that if a company wants to find new heights, we can help them achieve that.

As a creative director, I’m charged to be creative every day – it’s in the title, can’t avoid it. Believing in the impossible and making it happen are a part of what I do. I also believe that making it out of the driveway unscathed every morning is pretty remarkable, too. So before you sit down to breakfast tomorrow, I challenge you to start believing in yourself and start dreaming of what you or your company could achieve if you let yourself get creative.

So, here’s my challenge to you: list six things that you think are impossible for your company today.  Can you see a way to defeat your own Jabberwocky? Are you looking for the first step in fighting this battle? Then, give me a call so we can fight it together.

Adam Jensen, Creative Director


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