6’5″, 230 pound quarterback, laser rocket arm… if you like that sort of thing.

Adam JensenI thought I’d tell you a little about myself in my first blog post. First off, I am not 6′ 5″ or 230 pounds or even a NFL quarterback. I don’t think I’ve weighed as low as 230 pounds since high school – but I’m working on that, and you didn’t ask about my jolly belly. In May, I will have worked at Love Scott & Associates for 9 years full time and 1 year as an intern. So if my math is correct and please double check it, that is one complete decade of service in the advertising industry. A long long time ago, during the threat of Y2K, I attended Iowa State University and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. At Love Scott, I started my career as a graphic designer, eventually became the art director, then the associate creative director and then ascended to my current position of creative director and vice president. My responsibilities include anything creative and making sure our product is top notch. It also includes making sure we stay on top of creative trends, techniques, and ideas. Plus I get to work with excellent creative and strategic people at Love Scott and in various supporting industries. Living the dream, as they say.

Personally, I am a huge Chicago Cubs and Bears fan. Some of you have now clicked to another page. But to the people that have stayed, I salute you. My father and I take an annual pilgrimage down to Phoenix for a week of spring training and the Cubs. I am becoming an avid health nut. I actually like working out now. Its not such a chore. I sort of believe those three sentences I just wrote. I have lost about 80 pounds over the last year and looking for more. Which leads me to saying that I am single, ladies. If you like it, you can put a ring on it. But again, you didn’t ask about my availability. Let’s keep this professional. I have enjoyed getting to know the Lutheran Church of Hope over the last year and look forward to more involvement. Same with the great people at Meals from the Heartland. Plus if you can’t tell I like to think I’m a little humorous. That really is up to you though. I know I’ve got tear tracks and side pains from laughing so hard at myself. This is really for me more than you.

Creatively, I love to create great work. I am trained as a graphic artist but love to be a part of all aspects of a creative project. I don’t pretend to know everything, and love to see the results of an expert doing their thing. But I do have an opinion and a preference in style and I won’t stop working on a project until its “there.” I can’t wait to experience the next decade of work that I will be doing. Its been a great ride so far.

I look forward to writing in this space and relating to some of you that read it. I plan on talking about strategy, creativity and things that make me laugh. I leave you with this thought and a link. The thought…

If you read this far, you are my hero. That was not easy was it? But we did laugh. We cried. We told wonderous tales and learned a little about each other too. Well, you learned more about me. Maybe. I tried. Hey,

if you didn’t like it, then write your own blog post!…. I’m sorry I raised my voice right there. I still love you.

And here is a link to the reason for my article title, just so you don’t think I’m totally crazy. Or maybe it confirms it. Up to you. But I am a sports freak and Peyton Manning is my favorite marketing athlete just because he can pull off a comedy bit like this…


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